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The perfect manager for your business.

Earn Your Freedom & Let Us Manage Your Business


Most owners of successful businesses get burned out. By the time they have achieved their financial goals, it has often been preceded by years of hardship. Our aim is simple: Take over the day-to-day tasks of the business so that you can focus on your life.


We have significant connections to both debt and equity markets which can help small businesses grow their reach, revenue and ultimately profits. We also have experience in seller/vendor financed deals which can widen the scope of acquisition targets. 


Many small business owners aren't aware that they are actually able to conduct a micro-IPO of their business. In fact, most small profitable businesses can list at a 5-7x multiple which is higher than the 4-5x typically paid for businesses. Furthermore, you will continue to receive about 75% of the cash flow as a dividend.


LJE Management Associates was founded by a high school history teacher and a vice president of a private equity firm. This odd pairing was developed out of one key insight: Successful small business owners have significant trouble in both scaling their businesses (through management issues and capital constraints), and in finding diligent and effective managers who can take over a lot of the grunt work of managing the daily operations of the business so that the owners can step back and enjoy the success they have earned.

Our aim is to be this solution for small business owners. The outcomes are simple: We want to help owners fetch the highest price for their business that they can get, take over the daily operations of the business so the owner can focus on other projects, and to grow the business from a successful startup into a resilient, profitable, and growth focused company.



Trying to find great managers for businesses is tough. We aim to be that great manager. We will work side-by-side with the owner for 3 months to understand the business in its totality, and will then fully take over as many of the business operations as the owner desires. 


Aside from managing the existing business, we will look to develop and fund subsidiaries through capital raising and allocation that will benefit the business over the long term. This can also include investing any excess cash that the business many not have a use for.


Our firm belief is that businesses that aren't growing are dying. Our aim is to ensure that does not happen to our client's businesses. We will constantly look for expansion opportunities, and we will look for any ways that we can streamline operations and increase margins and shareholder value.

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The short answer to the question is this: Make you more money, and make your life easier. Our aim is to ensure that you, as an owner, get the most out of your business while reducing the number of hours that you spend working. Ultimately, as a business owner, you want to be working on your business, not working in your business.

Our team of two have a strong operations background and we have a significant amount of experience in finance, particularly in making sure that you maximise the amount of money that you make out of the business with the least amount of effort possible. Essentially, we want to be your heavy lifters. If we can achieve that goal, then we would consider that relationship with our client a success.


One of the biggest time wasters for business owners is inventory management. With our experience in supply chain financing and management, we believe that we take effectively eliminate the time that owners spend on this task by taking control of it for them.


Although we have referenced capital markets previously, it is important to note that we have strong connections to funders that can provide various types of financing for our client companies. Our belief is that capital constraints are the most pressing issue for most small businesses and we aim to change that.


Our final (and arguably most important) service is effective tax planning. There are numerous stories of owners selling their businesses and paying exorbitant taxes in the process. This is a completely unnecessary expense and can be significantly reduced with some reasonable tax planning strategies.

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